DS-9C Newlong Industrial (NLI) High Speed Bag Closer Stitcher for popcorn (seeds) DS-9A, DS-9C, DS-9AW, DS-9CW, DS-9P

DS-9C Newlong Industrial (NLI) High Speed Bag Closer Stitcher for popcorn (seeds) DS-9A, DS-9C, DS-9AW, DS-9CW, DS-9P

Single & Double Needle High Speed Bag Closing Machine for Materials such as Multi-wall Paper & PolyPropylene (PP). It is Equipped with a fully Enclosed Oil Bath Lubrication System that Reduces Maintenance Costs. The DS-9 series are the choice for a cost effective solution in machines and partss and high performance range of sewing heads. The DS-9C has a pneumatic  guilletine cutter already integrated. No need to buy extra external cutter boxes. Thread is being cut right after it has been sewn. Click here to read everything about setting up your DS-9 Sewing head





The most important features are:

  • Internal parts of the Newlong DS-9C are fully lubricated in an oil Bath
  • Double needle, Double Stitch Available on DS-9AW and DS-9CW.
  • Different presser foots and throatplates combinations are available depending on the feeding your need: Manual, Automatic and Semi-Automatic
  • It can be used together with Power infeeders, Crepe tape and Full Pedestal with control box CPU (NLI Newlong A1-PB)
  • Guilletine cutter makes 1 cut per bag. Cuts through Crepe and tape. No Extra add-on needed
  • For Original Newlong Parts database Click Here 

The models:

  • The newlong DS-9c is the most popular high speed bag closer machine with integrated Auto Cut Knife. (one cut per bag)
  • Newlong DS-9A has a continues Rotating Knife similar to a portable sewing machine (for hand input)
  • The newlong DS-9P is specially designed for the Potato industry. It doesn’t comes with a cutter and has space for a transportation belt. Ideal for sewing Jute Bags.
  • The newlong DS-9AW and DS-9CW both have double needle for double stitch (4 thread)
  • Chain stitch Type # 401
  • Optional parts are available to convert your DS-9 High Speed Bag Closer into easy open bag with a single stitch (Type # 101) machine to save on thread consumption.

Why Choose a Newlong Industrial DS-9C?

  • It has many features
  • Fast supply on spare parts compared to other brands
  • The price of machine is affordable compared to other Bag Closer Machines Brands in the Market
  • Made in Japan with the highest standards of quality
  • Price of parts are affordable
  • Build with more then 300 unique parts for a reliable robust operation.


Technical Specifications for NLI Newlong DS-9 series

Model DS-9A DS-9AW DS-9C DS-9CW DS-9P
Max. Speed ※ 2,700rpm 2,500rpm 2,700rpm 2,500rpm 2,700rpm
Seam Double thread chain stitch (Type 401)
Stitch Width 7-11.5mm 7-10.5mm 7-11.5mm
Bag Material Paper・PP Net bag
Thickness Paper bag 6P with a tuck
Cutter Half automatic
thread cutter
crepe tape cutter
Needle DR-H30 #26 DR-G67 #26
Oiling Oil bath
Oil Tellus #32
weight 41.0kg 38.0kg
Feature thread cutter Double needle of DS-9A crepe tape cutter Double needle of DS-9C Net bagNothing cutter
Related Machines A type (conveyor)、Automatic bagging machine、A1-PB Bagging Machine for Potato(Europe)

※depending on sewing material and operation

Newlong Ind.  Sewing Machine is Made in Japan

Applications for use with Newlong DS-9c

  • Seed, fertilizer & sifting products such as flour and much more
  • Bag Material to sew: Jute, PP, Multiwall Paper, Hesian etc.

Popular replacement parts for ds-9c are:

  • NLI Newlong  J01002 Air cilinder
  • NLI Newlong 304131 Front Feed Dog (Use in combination with  104072 rear feed dog)
  • NLI Newong 104072 Rear Deed Dog (Use in combination with  304131 front feed dog)
  • NLI Newlong 106053 Upper Knife (Use in combination with  106083 lower knife)
  • NLI Newlong 106083 Lower Knife (Use in combination with 106053 upperknife)
  • NLI Newlong Needles Item # DR-H30 #26 Brand: Organ (sold per pack of 10)
  • NLI Newlong 033121 Looper for Double Stitch type 401
  • For Original Newlong Parts database Click Here 

Add ons:



Newlong A1PB Pedestal.The Newlong DS-9C Sewing Head works best in conjunction with the original Newlong A1-PB Pedestal system from Newlong. It has a control box and a power infeeder can be added. The newlong A1-PB pedestal can accomodate a variety of Power infeeders for PP bag, Kraft paper bag. (Jute bag in combination with Newlong DS2-(II) Sewing Head.Besides a PLC version there is also a version built with Relais for easy adaption.  The Newlong Industrial A1-PB is the most robust pedestal with the lowest vibration in combination with the DS-9C.





newlong_cm_4900_plain_sew_power_infeeder The Newlong CM4900-1 Automatic Plain Sew infeeder for easy operating. Operator feeds bag into the machine and can continu filling the bags.
newlong_cp4900_with_folding_device Newlong CP4900 Autmatic Power infeeder with top folding device (Fold over part can be removed so it wil work as a plain sew infeeder) to work in conjunction with the Newlong A1-PB Pedestal or simular pedestals.
cm4900-3-crepe_tape_infeeder Newlong CM4900-3 Automatic Power infeeder for crepe tape sewing including a bag top trimmer. The bag top trimmer cuts the (paper) bag. Crepe tape is added and Sewn (sewn over closure) for less sifting and a better presentation.


Video’s of the Newlong DS-9C series High Speed Bag Stitcher



Other machines in this series: 

  • NLI Newlong Industrial DS-9C Single thread setup (stitch 101) Easy of use and Saving of thread. (also for use with easy open)
  • NLI Newlong Industrial DS-9P (otato): Single thread and Double thread. Optimized to be used in systems of potato manufactures such as UPMATIC. (single thread version (stitch 101) of ds-9P also available)
  • NLI Newlong Industrial DS-9C: By far the most popular of the series. Sews a bag with 2 threads (Stitch 401)
  • NLI Newlong Industrial DS-9CW: Sews with 2 needles and 4 threads and has a pneumatic cutter
  • NLI Newlong Industrial DS-9A: Instead of a pneumatic cutter, continues rotating knife. ideal for a simple setup where no compressed air or electronic control box is needed is needed still benefiting from the Oil bath design.
  • NLI Newlong Industrial DS-9AW: 2-needle, 4 threads. Instead of a pneumatic cutter, continues rotating knives. Ideal for a simple setup where no compressed air of complex electronics is needed still benefiting from the Oil bath design. Optional Thread pusher is available though.
Eltex thread break detector, end of thread detector
Automate your sewing system or semi automated sewing system with a thread break detector to detect thread breakage and end of thread for a more reliable production. Click here for more information