Union Special 56100 Series Bag Making




  • For manufacturing PP, paper and burlap bags.
  • Internal lubrication system
  • Needle bearing on front mainshaft
  • Fast, smooth operation

The Union Special Style 56100M machine is especially designed for seaming bags made from cotton and light to medium weight burlap. It seams at 6000 S.P.M. and offers users top production performance and dependable service. Union Special built the first bag seamer in 1881 and since that time has kept pace with the requirements of the bag making industry.

Technical Specifications / Caracteristicas Tecnicas


Model DKN-3BP DKN-3 DKN-3W
Max. Speed ※ 5,000rpm 4,000rpm
Seam Double thread chain stitch (Type 401)
Stitch Width 5.0-9.5mm 3.6-8.0mm 4.0-8.5mm
Bag Material PP
Thickness Paper bag 4P with a tuck
Needle UO144G 200
Oiling Automatic oil supply
Oil Tellus #32
weight 28.5 kg
Feature The maximum high speed bag making sewing head Double needle
Related Machines TKN-3BP TKN-3 TKN-3W

※depending on sewing material and operation

If you want to sew also on the leftside, the Newlong Industrial DN2-LHS is the ideal machine to do so.

It has a right hand version and a left hand version in single row stitch or double row stitch.