Newlong CM4900-3 Power Infeeder with Bag to Trimmer and Crepe tape appliance.

The Newlong CM4900-3 infeeder from Newlong Industrial infeeds the bag into the Sewing head such as the Newlong Industrial DS-9C series. It cuts the top of the bag automatically and applies crepe tape. In this way you wil always have a perfect application of the Crepe tape. The crepe tape reduces sifting (leaking) of the product through the needle holes. The crepe tapes gives a nice and polished and presentable product. Ideal for all products such as Animal feeding products, sugar, Flower and simular powderish products.

    • Automatic infeed with bag trimming device
    • Versatile infeed — for tape or can also be used for plain sewn bag closures
    • Handles 2″ – 2.5″ crepe tape (55 mm and 70 mm)
    • The Newlong CM4900-3 automatic infeed is designed to work standard with the Newlong DS-9C bag closer / sewing head and the A1-PB pedestal.
    • Original Japanese designget_a_free_quote_sewing_machines



newlong_cm4900-3_infeeder_pulleys View of the back. 2 Geared reducers driven by numerious belts. 
a safety cover is placed to to optimium safet protection. Canbe intgrated in a semi automatic and full automatic system.
newlong_power_infeeder_cm4900-3_cutting_knives_bag_top_trimmmer View of the knives.The knives cut the top of the bag before. After this, the crepe tape is applied.
ds9c_cm4900-3 Newlong Industrial CM4900-3 + DS-9c + A1-PB pedestal. Setup. The DS-9C, CM4900-3 and A1-PB pedestal are designed to work flawlesness together. 
Video of the CP4900 and CM4900-3 in action. Bag is infeed, cut the top of the bag and add crepe tape.

 Replacing the KNIVES OF THE CM4900-3

cmg4999_knives_for_newlong_cm4900-3The CMG4999 Cutter knive  are a set of knife that are used to cut the top of the paperbag when adding crepe tape.

  1. Steps to change the Slitter knives on the Newlong CM4900-3 and simular infeeders.
  2. Remove the speed reducer, Slitterguide and Waste trim guide.
  3. Press down the Lubrication oil reservoir to the utmist bottom point
  4. Loosen screws in the set collar and pull each of the two shafts upwardly to remove
  5. Take off each of the two slitter knife units
  6. Place the slitter knife units on the table and loosen de nut fixing the knife onto the set collar. Then remove the knives to replace.
  7. Place the replacement knife onto the set collar and tighten the set collar with nut.
  8. To fix those initially removed, trace the steps in an ascending (backwards) order from step 6 and above.