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The Fischbein Model 2700 Power infeeder  is designed to cut & feed the upper part of a bag into the sewing head in such a way that the bags are always introduced at the same height and so that the user does not need to push the bags along the sewing head during the cutting and sewing process.

In addition, the Fischbein Model 2700 Power infeeder also makes it possible for the bags to be sewn shut automatically in a line parallel to the edge of the bag.



  1. The height above the feeding belt should must be at least 50 mm and no more than 115 mm.
  2. All dust on the motor and gearbox must be removed every day. This helps to prevent possible overheating of the motor or the gearbox.
  3. Make sure that the feed belts are sufficiently tight, but not too tight (pressing with your thumb, the belt should flex by about 3 mm).
  4. If you remove any protective casing in order to service the machine, make sure that you replace it at the end of the work and before starting the machine.


5. Make sure that the   Model 2700 Power infeeder is correctly aligned with the sewing head.

6. Check that there is no product between the belts (see fig. 1) and maintain some distance between the product and the Fischbein Model 2700 Power infeeder.

7. The Fischbein Model 2700 Power infeeder is the perfect partner for Fischbein Empress 101 which adds crepe tape.

8. The Fischbein Model 2700 Power infeeder can be used for tape over sewn (infeeder cuts the bag, transports it to the sewing machine, semi adhesive tape is added afterwards).

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Ph: +1-305-424-8211

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