UPG Yarn Break Detector Sensor Thread tension detector 16370 (24v)

Thread break detector

The optocoupler output from the Eltex 16730 Thread break detector is suitable for a PLC or other electronic control devices. You do not only detect thread breaking but also more often the finishing of a roll of thread. No moving parts involved, higly reliable.

It operates on the piezoelectric principle,
detecting the yarn movement. This working
principle makes it suitable for all types of yarn
and makes it insensitive to dust, dirt and humidity

The UPG 16370  is a small, inexpensive, general purpose yarn break detector in a robust metal housing. It features a 3,5 meter Eltex Thread Break detector Made in the European Union. 

  • The ceramic sensor part can be used either as a closed eyelet or as an open bar.
  • Several detectors can be connected in parallel next to each other.
  • Modular connector for quick connection.
  • Detect breakage of thread
  • Detect end of thread
  • Detect Machine jams
  • Detect stitch formation not made correctly (thread running ot of a needle or out of the looper)
  • Runs on 24 volt.
  • Dust proof, Dirt proof, Humidity proof
  • A green LED (light emitting diode) indicates the yarn
  • The ceramic sensor part can be used either as a
    closed eyelet or as an open bar.
  • Designed and produced in the European Union

thread_break_detectorThe Eltex thread break detector 16730 can be used in automated environments such as: Bag Closer systems (breaking of thread, end of thread, jams on thread) where in all cases it detects the movement of the thread. It can also be used in embroidery applications and a diversion of simular situations where a process should be stopped or interrupted once the thread stops moving.


  • Winders
  • Spinning machines
  • Twisters
  • Texturing machines
  • General Sewing machines (Automation)
  • Bag Closer Sewing Machines 
  • Covering machines
  • Yarn preparation machines
  • Double/multiple picks on airjet
    weaving machine


How does it work?

The output reflects the movement of the yarn. When the yarn is moving, the optocoupler is inactive. When the yarn is not moving, the optocoupler is active. The LED is on when the yarn is moving. The detector is supplied with cable and a 6/4 modular plug connector. Many thread detectors can be connected in parallel. The detector is protected against wrong polarity on power supply.


Sensing part: Made our of Aluminium oxide ceramic, with a 3 mm diameter closedeyelet and a 7 mm wide bar.
Output: The optocoupler is active when yarn is not moving.
Sensitivity: setting The sensitivity can be adjusted with a potentiometer under the lid by removing the screw.

Eltex Thread Break detector Made in the European Union, Sold all over the world.

Small and inexpensive reliable Swedish technology (Made in Ireland)


The Eltex UPG thread break detector 16370 has a 3,50 meter cable attached to it.

The Eltex 16370 Thread break detector is a small yet highly advanced piezoelectric device. Availability from sewing parts express: from stock or usually a couple of days.

On the back you see a transparent nylon plate already glued on the surface of the thread break detector. (Eltex 16730)
Combine the Eltex 16370 with sewing heads such as the Newlong Industrial DS-9C on the upper and lower thread.