NLI Newlong DS6-AC Sewing Head

ds6ac_sewingpartsexpressAutomatic single needle machine for both plain and crepe-tape bound closing of all kinds of filled bags. The machine will start and stop automatically by a micro-switch lever or photoelectric switch (has to be provided) actuated by the bag being fed into the machine. In the same way, the machine stops after the bag passes through, and at the same time the thread/crepe-tape is cut automatically by built-in air cylinder operated guillotine type cutter.

  • Model: NLI Newlong  DS-6AC
  • Revolution (rpm):  1,400
  • Variable Stitch range (mm):  7-10.5
  • Oiling system: manual, by hand
  • Standard needle: DRX2 #25 (Newlong B02001) 124×2 200/25
  • Thread: 20/6,20/9
  • Cutter: pneumatic cutter for thread and Crepe tape.



The standard needle used by the DS-6AC is: Organ 124×2 DRx2 #25 (Newlong B02001)


Knife of DS-9AC









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