Newlong Industrial DS-9A and DS-9AW Bag closer Sewing Machine

newlong_industrial_ds-9a_sewingpartsexpresscomThe Newlong Industrial DS-9A (made in Japan) main feature is the mechanically operated continuously running thread cutter. No compressed air or PLC  is needed. The machine can run continuously in a simple setup or with a foot operated switch (pedal).

This machine is ideal for operating with an operator that pushes the thread into the cutter. The 2 enclosed oil baths make contamination from the machine to the material and from the material to the machine to a minimum.


Single-needle, Two-thread double locked chainstitch machine for Plain Closing Only, equipped with mechanically operated continuously running thread cutter.





Main Features:

  • Sewing speed up to 2700 rpm
  • Sews Jute, Paper and PP bags
  • Robust Square Design
  • 2x Enclosed Oil bath
  • Stitch width has a range of 7 – 11.5 mm
  • Standard needle is DR-H30 #26

Newlong Industrial DS-9AW also has a continues cutter but sews with 2 lines of thread instead of 1 line of thread. it uses 4 threads.


Newlong Industrial DS-9AW Sewing with 2 needles (4 threads) gives a safe closure. the product such as powders have little change to exist the bag.
Schneider Footpedal
Schneider Footpedal is a good Choice for use with Newlong Industrial DS-9A
bagclosing1 (1)
Newlong Industrial DS-9A fixed on a Pedestal.


Optional feature:

A mechanical thread pusher Part Number 305301A  is optional available. After the bag has left the machine, it wil push the thread into the mechanical operated thread cutter via a tensioned spring. Ideal if the machine is continuously running. This way the operator does not have to deal with cutting of the thread.