NP-3(II) Newlong Industrial NLI for Geo-Textiles

productshot_newlong_np3ii_small_watermarkEasy to operate, 2 Thread Portable Bag Closer / Bag Stitcher Sewing Machine with Half- Automatic Thread Cutter.

It is ideal for fast closing of bags containing feed, seed, chemicals, & agricultural products when a strong 2-thread chainstitch closure is needed.

Designed for efficient bag closing applications demanding high strength & tight closures for materials such as Polypropylene, Burlap, Cotton, Multi-Wall Paper, Jute, Plastic, Non-Woven Geotextile,  Geomembranes, Geonet, Artificial Lawn, Geosynthetic fabrics (landfill caps and liners).

Rugged design works in the most hard outdoor conditions! The possibilities with this hand held & versatile bag closing are endless. This machine is similar to the Union Special 5200.


Technical Specifications / Caracteristicas Tecnicas

Model NP-3Ⅱ
Max. Speed 1,500rpm
Seam Double thread chain stitch (Type 401)
Stitch Width 8mm
Bag Material Paper・Jute・PP
Thickness Jute bag 10mm
Cutter Half automatic thread cutter
Needle DN×1 #25
Oiling by hand
Oil Machine oil #10
weight 8.5 kg
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※depending on sewing material and operation

Newlong Industrial  Sewing Machine
Made in Japan

* Optional: Spring Balance, Shoulder Belt and Thread Cover at extra cost