Newlong NP8

Newlong Industrial (NLI) NP-8, NP-8B Portable Bag Closer Machine, Single Needle, Double Thread  Chain Stitch, Half- Automatic Thread Cutter. Recomended for Materials such as Polypropylene, Multi-Wall Paper & Jute. The Newlong NP8 is the 2 thread brother of the Newlong NP7a and can be used also as a portable or ina mini system.
 / Cerradora de Sacos Portatil, Puntada de Cadeneta, Una Aguja, Doble Hilo, Cortador de Hilo Semi-Automatico. Para Sacos de Materiales como Polipropileno, Multi-Papel y Yute.
newlong_npp8_double_thread_front_image newlong_np8_double_thread_portable_machine


Technical Specifications / Caracteristicas Tecnicas

Model NP-8 NP-8B (For Japanese Market)
Max. Speed 1,750rpm 1,100rpm
Seam Double thread chain stitch (Type 401)
Stitch Width 8.5mm 8.8mm
Thickness Jute bag 8mm Jute bag 10mm
Cutter Half automatic thread cutter
Needle DN×1 #25 UY143GSF 200
Oiling by hand ・ Oil pump by hand
Oil Machine oil #10
weight 8.0 kg 8.0 kg
Feature For Double thread of NP-7A For few lot production
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※depending on sewing material and operation


Newlong Industrial  Sewing Machine
Made in Japan

* Optional: Spring Balance, Shoulder Belt and Thread Cover at extra cost

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