RAM Computerized Metering Device MINI-RAM 2T. 2-tensions electronic metering device

Ram Elletronica Mini-Ram 2T
Metering device for Elastic material such as

The Mini-Ram 2T electronic device is designed to feed, control both the tension and metering of elastic or rigid tapes that are attached to wears and goods. The electronic RAM metering devices can be easily expanded to meet your production requirements.

  • They are efficient and versatile for both simple and more elaborate sewings.
  • Easy to install, no mechanical or electrical connections required with the sewing machine.
  • Can be utilized with all sewing machines, either new or second-hand.
  • The feeding and tensioning of the elastic can be from the bottom, the side and the top, with the same sewing precision.
  • Maintenance free
  • 2 tension programs • Sets between 0 to 100 different tension values
  • Knee switch is available for automatic exchange
  • High versatility and simple use
Some of the advantages that the RAM metering devices can offer, are:
Installation on sewing machines of any type, make or model, whether new or used.

  • No requirement for mechanical or electrical connections to the sewing machine.
  • Easy to install, far away from the sewing area, for not obstructing and not reducing visibility and space for the operator in the working area.  
  • Independent free stand is provided (optional)
  • Ram devices can be mounted in any position as to the sewing machine (upper, frontally, below or sidely) with constant tension precision.  
  • Easy to learn and easy to use reliably in any environment
  • No particular maintenance is required.
  • RAM Metering Devices are equipped for connection to other RAM modular units for additional functions.
  • Works with 110vAC and 220vAC (switch on device)

Made in Italy by :
RAM Elettronica S.p.A. 

On the image you see the  core mini-ram 2T Device  with the red knee switch on the right and attachment for the knee (for attachement ot the sewing table)

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