RAM Computerized Metering Device MINI-RAM 2T. 2-tensions electronic metering device

Ram Elletronica Mini-Ram 2T Metering device for Elastic material (Made in Italy)
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The Mini-Ram 2T electronic device is designed to feed, control both the tension & metering of elastic or rigid tapes that are attached to wears and goods. The electronic RAM metering devices can be easily expanded to meet your production requirements.

  • They are efficient and versatile for both simple and more elaborate sewings.
  • Easy to install, no mechanical or electrical connections required with the sewing machine.
  • Can be utilized with all sewing machines, either new or second-hand.
  • The feeding and tensioning of the elastic can be from the bottom, the side and the top, with the same sewing precision.
  • Maintenance free
  • 2 tension programs • Sets between 0 to 100 different tension values
  • Knee switch is available for automatic exchange
  • High versatility and simple use
Some of the advantages that the RAM metering devices can offer, are:
Installation on sewing machines of any type, make or model, whether new or used.
  • No requirement for mechanical or electrical connections to the sewing machine.
  • Easy to install, far away from the sewing area, for not obstructing and not reducing visibility and space for the operator in the working area.  
  • Independent free stand is provided (optional)
  • Ram devices can be mounted in any position as to the sewing machine (upper, frontally, below or sidely) with constant tension precision.  
  • Easy to learn and easy to use reliably in any environment
  • No particular maintenance is required.
  • RAM Metering Devices are equipped for connection to other RAM modular units for additional functions.
  • Works with 110vAC and 220vAC (switch on device)

Made in Italy by :
RAM Elettronica S.p.A. 

On the image you see the  core Mini-Ram 2T Device  with the red knee switch on the right and attachment for the knee (for attachement ot the sewing table)

The Mini-Ram 2T Device is available in 110V and 220V.

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