Thread for your portable Bag closer Machine (Newlong NP7A, Fischbein and other portable stitchers)

8 oz cones White Bag Closing Thread Thread for closing bags. We offer Thread all portable Sewing Machines for all portable sewing machines.

Our thread can be used on portable stitchers such as:

  • Newlong and Newlong Industrial NP7A
  • Newlong and Newlong Industrial NP3II
  • Fischbein Model F
  • Union Special 2200
  • Union Special 4000
  • Siruba AA6
  • and simular machines.

Are you looking to use stronger monofilament  thread for applications such as Geo Textiles or other Agro related materials with your portable sewing machine? please contact us so we can advice you the correct Form and the correct strength.

How much thread do you want?

The price of the thread cones for your portable sewing bag stitcher depends on how many thread cones you buy per order.
The price thus is based on the quantity, amount of your order.

How much thread per thread cone
Every thread cone has 8 Oz. of  thread on it. White Thread is always in stock. Are you looking for other colors or candy Cane color. please ocntact us.


8 oz cones of White Bag Closing Thread – Case of 32 Cones is the more efficient quantity to buy taken into account the shipping cost.

Specifications of our bag closer thread

  • High quality, Long Staple Fiber
  • smooth running thread
  • weight: total of 8 oz sewing thread for use with Newlong, Fischbein, Union Special or any other portable bag closer.
  • 12/4 sewing thread (thickness)
  • oiled finished thread  for a smooth run through the machine.
  • Bag closing thread is 100% polyester so there is less ‘fluff’ residue to clog up the bag closer than a poly-cotton blend.
  • Polyester thread will also hold up better outdoors. (less degradation)


Called by many different names such as

  • Balls of thread for protable bag closers
  • bag closing string for portable bag closers
  • sewing twine for portable bag sewers
  • spools of thread – these are actually cones and not spools (a spool has a straight core with a flange at the base).
  • Use polyester thread to close
    paper bags of potatoes
    woven poly bags of fertilizer and burlap bags of coffee beans.

How many bags do i sew with with 1 thread cone?

With 1 thread cone, 8 oz weight you sew approximaty 350 bags given they are

  • Approx 7,560 ft. / lb. Each cone is 1/2 lb
  • 15.0 breaking strength / tensile strength
  • 8 oz cones are approx 4.5″ high and 3.25″ diameter at the base
  • Don’t need a whole case of 32 cones? You can also purchase individual cones witha minimum of 1. (price and shipping fees higher)
  • Our bag closer thread is a Stock item. It is always in stock.