Newlong Industrial Japan NP-7A Crepe Tape (50 mm)

The Newlong Industrial NP-7A  50mm Crepe Tape portable Sewing Machine Machines ads Crepe tape to every bags. Ideal if you close powdery products or to reduce the sifting (leaking) of the product through the punctured bag holes made by the needle or reduce contamination to the inside of the bag through these needle holes.

Such products can be Powders such as Flour, Construction powders such as cement but also Charcoals, Sugars, Detergents etcetera.


How does it work?
The Crepe tape is being folded through a binder. on installation it has to be pushed first to the feed dog. The feed dog wil sew the crepe band together with the bag. The crepe tape and band ban be cut with the scissors at the end.

After Sewing, the Crepe Band and the thread can be cut with the special scissors

For easy weightless operation and a straight stitch the machine can be hung by a spring balancer.




50mm Binder and Roll holder for NP-7A Crepe Tape. The binder folds the crepe tape band preparing it to be picked up by the Feed Dog




A spring Balancer can be a usefulll device to hang the NP-7A Crepe Tape 50 mm weightless on a ceiling. You wil also have more control on the stitch while having flexability on the sewing process.