Closing Sand Bags with the Newlong NP-7A portable bag sewing machine



Be prepared for hurricane seasons and area’s where river flooding is at higher risk. Sand bags for Flood protections are the easiest way to build a solid and strong sand barrier to keep water out, or to keep water in. You can ship empty sand bags to a location and fill them up with local sand. When closing the bag with a bag sewing machine such as the Newlong NP-7A

The newlong NP-7a is a proven robust portable sewing machine to close all types of Sand Bags.

Sand bags closed with a portable swing machine are not only more durable, they also are less likely to open unlike bags with closing cords. In addition the shape of the bag stays flat. A more watertight dam is being made when using a portable sewing machine and tighter closures and alignment from bag to bag. can provide the machine to close these bags. contact us for more information about Sand Bag Suppliers.

Did you know you can also build heavy structures with sand filled sand bags?







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