NLI Newlong industrial DS-9C 1 thread (Stitch 101)


To convert a DS-9C into a single stitch thread type machine you can either buy it from the factory or buy the spare parts kit to convert the machine into Single thread setup. Depending on your usage there are many advatages to single thread, for example when your bags are ligth weight or if you want to use Easy Open.

Key features of the Newlong DS-9C with Single Threading Setup.

  • Sewing speed of up to 2700 RPM and low vibration system.
  • Robust Square design
  • Single thread Chain-stitch (Stitch 101)
  • Stitch Width of Newlong DS-9C has a range of 7 – 11.5 mm
  • Standard needle for the Newlong DS-9C is: Organ DR-H30 #26 (B10002)






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