Sewing Potato net bags with the portable Newlong Industrial NP-7A, special presser foot 242233A recommended (optional for additional cost)

The Portable Bag Stitcher Newlong Industrial NP-7A is the most popular Bag Closer and it is ideal to sew Potato Net bags. Together with the optional presser foot Newlong Industrial 242233A. The NP-7A is the ideal companion for all your net bag closing sewing needs.

Presser Foot 242233A Afor sewing net bags with Newlong NP-7A
Presser Foot 242233A Assembly (for net bags) (Special Order) is especially optimized to sew net bags



Newlong NP-7a


Always in stock for direct delivery. The Newlong Industrial NP-7A has the highest Quality and the best price offered on the market. Economic Portable Bag Closer Machine, Single Needle, One Thread  Chain Stitch, Half- Automatic Thread Cutter, with Simple Mechanism for easy Maintenance. Recommended for Materials such as Wowen Polypropylene, Multi-Wall Paper,Cloth Bags & Jute. In addition of closing potato bags, the Newlong Industrial NP-7A can be used in a variety of applications such as closing: sand bags, onion bags, rice bags, coffee bags, beans bags, spices bags, fertilizer bags, seeds bags.  Contact us for the BEST PRICE!