Closing Sample bags of Potatoes with the Newlong NP-7A Portable bag closer hand machine

The Portable Bag Stitcher Newlong Industrial NP-7A is ideal to close all kinds of bags such as potato bags. The portable NLI Newlong Np-7A can fulfil in all your needs to create sample bags with cocoa, grains cocoa, coffee or other produce to send to test laboratories or send sample bags to your prospect customers.



Newlong NP-7a


Always in stock for direct delivery. The Newlong Industrial NP-7A has the highest Quality and the best price offered on the market. Economic Portable Bag Closer Machine, Single Needle, One Thread  Chain Stitch, Half- Automatic Thread Cutter, with Simple Mechanism for easy Maintenance. Recommended for Materials such as Wowen Polypropylene, Multi-Wall Paper,Cloth Bags & Jute. In addition of closing onion bags, the Newlong Industrial NP-7A can be used in a variety of applications such as closing: sand bags, rice bags, potato bags, coffee bags, beans bags, spices bags, fertilizer bags, seeds bags.  Contact us for the BEST PRICE!