NP-7A Portable Bag Closer to close bags with Quinoa


NP-7A Portable Bag Closer to close bags with Quinoa


As Portable as you are !

The newlong NP-7a is the Portable sewing machine that fits everyones budget and is also the most robust portable sewing machine in the industry. So robust that many companies use it to built into a mini system.


The popular Newlong Industrial (NLI) NP-7A robust Economic Portable Bag Closer Machine, Single Needle, One Thread Chain Stitch, Half- Automatic Thread Cutter, with Simple Mecanism for easy Maintenance. Recommended for Materials such as Polypropylene, Multi-Wall Paper & Jute and lighter Geo Textiles.

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The build in continues cutting knive makes cutting, while sewing easy and handy.





The NLI Newlong NP-7A is not only the most robust Portable Sewing Machine, it is also the most affordable. Sewingpartsexpress can deliver the Newlong NP-7A and Spare parts for the Newlong NP-7a from stock!


  • Integrated continues Half Automatic thread cutter
  • Maximum Speed: 1750 rpm 8,5 mm Stitch Length
  • Single thread Chain Stitch (Type 101)
  • Sew Jute, PP, Cotton, Paper, Multiwall Paper bags
  • Oil Pump: By hand
  • Sew up to 8 mm thick bags or material
  • can also be used for connecting Geo Textiles (2-Thread version: Newlong NP-3II)
  • Crepe Tape extension Available.
  • Air Motor (Pneumatic ATEX proof) Available as an option
  • Weight: 6 Kilogram


Technical Specifications
  • Model: Np-7a
  • Max. Speed 1750 rpm
  • Seam: Single thread chain stitch (Type 101)
  • Stitch Width: 8.5mm
  • Bag Material: Paper, Jut, polypropylene (PP)
  • Thickness: Jute bag 8mm
  • Cutter: Half automatic thread cutter
  • Needle: DN×1 #25
  • Oiling: by hand, via Oil pump
  • Oil: Machine oil #10 or Tellus #32
  • Weight: 6 KG’
  • Presserfoot lifter included
  • Hook (for connecting hanger) pre-installed
  • Crepe tape Extension optional available
  • Air motor (ATEX) optional available



Caution: Stitch the bag synchronously with the speed of feed dog If the bag is pulled out faster than that of feed dog, it .causes mis-stitch or needle break


Newlong Industrial Sewing Machines Japan

Video: Thread the Newlong Industrial NP-7A

* Optional available for the Newlong NP-7a:

  • Tape binding attachment
  • Spring Balance and hook
  • Shoulder Belt and Thread Cover at extra cost.


  • Tape sewing attachment improves sewn bag shelf appeal, & prevents sifting of finely powder contents. The tape attachment can be easily removed for standard sewing applications. The tape binding attachement is available as a special order.
  • Optional available Spring Balancer + hook to hang the Newlong NP-7a Portable sewing machine weighless


Available motor voltages:

  • 110 volt Newlong Np7a
  • 220 volt Newlong Np7a
  • 230~240 volt Newlong Np7a
  • 12 volt Newlong Np7a
  • 24 volt Newlong Np7a
  • Air motor (runs on compressed air. ideal for ATEX envoriments (certain zones) with high tendences of explosions)

This machine is equivelant to:

Thread consumption for Newlong Industrial NP-7a Stitch Type 101 (Single Thread Chain Stitch)

3-ply* paper bag 5-ply* paper bag Jute bag
40cm width bag 50cm width bag 55cm width bag
40cm width and 2 x 3 cm long chain 50 cm witdh and 2 x 5 cm long chain 55 cm width and 2 x 3 cm long chain
Consumption per bag: 1.74 meter = 0.38 gram. Consumption per bag: 2.28 meter = 0.50 gram Consumption per bag: 2.31 meter = 0.51 gram
With 1kg of thread approx. 2600 bags can be closed. With 1 kg of thread you can close approximately 2000 bags With 1 kg of thread approximately 1950 bags can be closed.
  • Ply is short for a layer of paper or wood, such as with toilet paper, tissue paper, paper towels or plywood



# Part Number Brand Item Description
1 241024AS Newlong Handle Assembly
2 241092 Newlong Drive Pulley
3 241131 Newlong Stop Collar
4 242011A Newlong Conn. Rod Assembly
5 242051A Newlong Needle Bar Lever Assembly
6 242071 Newlong Needle Bar Lever Stud
7 242081 Newlong Adjuster Stud
8 242101A Newlong Needle Bar Conn. Assembly
9 242121A Newlong Needle Bar
10 242131 Newlong Needle Clamp Nut
11 242161 Newlong Foot Lifter Lever
12 242172 Newlong Lifter Base
13 242181 Newlong Presser Bar Clamp
14 242191 Newlong Presser Spring
15 242201 Newlong Presser Bar
16 242222 Newlong Bush
17 242231A Newlong Presser Foot
18 243012 Newlong Looper Drive Cam