Newlong DHR-6 Sewing Machine for FIBC Big Bag (515 Safety Stitch)

Combined Overedging & Chain Stitch Machine , Two Needles, Upper & Lower Feeding, Four Thread Safety Stitch Used for Sewing Very Thick materials such as Polipropylene Container Bags, Big Bags,  FIBC (Flexible Intermediate Bulk Container)

Technical Specifications

Max. Speed ※ 1,400 rpm
Seam Safety Stitch Type 515 (2 Thread Chain Stitch ・ 2 Thread Overseaming  Stitch)
Stitch Width 6.5 – 15 mm
Bag Material Bulk Bags, FIBC, Big Bag, Container Bag
Thickness Up to 22 mm
Cutter Overseaming width 12,15 mm
Needle & Thread UY9853G 430 ・ 5000-6000 Denier
Oiling By hand ・Oiler (Machine Oil Tellus #10)
Weight 38.0 kg
Feature Upper & Lower Feed  ・ Double needle
Clutch Motor Required 400w 2Pole, 1 or 3 Phase
Motor Pulley Required Ø70(50hz), Ø55(60hz)
V-Belt Size Required M39(50hz) M38(60hz)

depending on the sewing material and operation

Needle type for Newlong Industrial DHR6: Organ Needle Japan UY9853G /430

Needle type for Newlong Industrial DHR-6: Organ Needle Japan UY9853G /430

Newlong Industrial  Sewing Machine
Made in Japan