Newlong DD-5 Bag Mending Belt Making Machine (Free Feed)


The Newlong Ind. DD5 is a Heavy Duty, Low cost, High Performance Free Feed Sewing Machine.

Newlong Industrial (NLI) DD-5 Bag Mending Machine, Single Needle, Plain Feed,  Flat Bed, Single Thread Used to Repair and Sew Extra Heavy Materials such as Jute Bags and Polypropylene  (PP) Big Bags , Container Bags,  FIBC (Flexible Intermediate Bulk Container).

The Newlong Industrial DD-5 is excellent for :

    • Connecting FIBC belts and Big Bag Belts, Tie Ratchet
    • All safety belts either by hand or automated (in a CNC system).
    • Bed industry
  • Repair broken Jute bags, Repair broken FIBC bags
  • Looms, web slings
  • Creative solutions with Free Feed
  • Heavy Duty Drop Feed mechanism
  • Improved Oiling system
  • Ask for a free quote on the Newlong DD5. CLICK HERE

NEWLONG INDUSTRIAL DD-5 is equivalent and compatible with the  SEIKO SK-8, Seiko CK-1, CK-1s, Seiko CK2.

NEWLONG INDUSTRIAL DD-5 is interchangeable with the SINGER 132K6, 133K-18 model. All parts of the DD-5 are the same as the parts for the Seiko SK-8. Seiko SK-8 and Singer  132K, 133k have been discontinued and taken out of production.

NEWLONG INDUSTRIAL DD-5 is the excellent replacement for the Seiko SK-8  and singer 132K, 133K.

NEWLONG INDUSTRIAL DD-5 can be integrated into a CNC Sewing Machine. For a free quote, please contact us.

Newlong Industrial DD5 on a table setup with Clutch motor and Thread winder

Technical Specifications

Model DD-5
Max. Speed 1,500rpm
Seam general sewing (301)
Stitch Width Freedom sending
Bag Material Jute・Container bag
Needle CY×7 #28
Oiling by hand ・ Oiler
Oil Machine oil #10
weight 35.0 kg
Feature Sewing head for repair of jute bag
Related Machines TD-5、Table setting

* depending on sewing material and operation.

g02002 foor dd5


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Singer 133-K18 = DD5

bobbin_winderUse the Bobbin winder that comes with the machine to  fill the spools with thread. Install the  Bobbin winder against the v-belt of the machine and pre- create your spools. If you need to create more spools off-site for your production we advice more advanced winders such as motorised winders in combination with this or other bobbin winders.

Newlong Industrial  Sewing Machine
Made in Japan

Equivalent Seiko SK-8, Singer 132K, 133K-18