Newlong Industrial DS-11 Stitch Length options

Shorter Stitch Length on DS-11.
The Newlong Industrial DS-11 and the Newlong Industrial DS-7 have a different Stitch Length. These stitch length are FIXED. This means they cannot be set bigger or smaller. The DS-7C and the DS-11 are made for crepe tape tape and hot-melt applications.

  • Newlong Industrial DS-7C: The stitch length is 7.7 mm.
  • Newlong Industrial DS-11: The stitch length is 10.2 mm.

The DS-11 is a more advanced machine with more features (an upgrade). It can run faster due to it’s oil bath on some parts. Also it is easier to replace the timing belt on this machine.

However, if you are not using Crepe tape or hot melt tape, and just plain-sew the bags, the stitch width of 10.2 mm can be too large and product can fall through the holes.

There are 2 solutions to this.

  1. Instead of the NLI DS-11 choose the NLI DS-7 for your application. The 7.7 mm is more suitable for non-crepe tape applications.
  2. Change 1 part: Adapt the DS-11. There is 1 part 322171 Needle Bar Rocker Cam that needs to be replaced by the part 252032 from the DS-7. It decides the stitch width. This part originally comes from the DS-7 and is compatible with the DS-11. The part however is in the heart of the machine and takes time, experience and expertise to exchange and setup everything around it to work.
  3. A Customisation on the Newlong Industrial DS-11 can be done by the factory where this adaption already has been done is available as a custom version from the factory. (extra charge for part and labor)