Looper adjustments for Fischbein Portable F Bag Closer Sewing Machine

Looper Adjustments (Timing)


  1. Put the machine on a flat surface with the looper cover facing you.
  2. Raise the presser foot with the lifting lever.
  3. Remove the looper cover.
  4. Remove the throat plate.
  5. Remove the feed dog by unscrewing the socket cap screw.
  6. Turn the machine pulley until the looper is at maximum backstroke position to the left of the needle. You may want to remove the pulley cover for easier access.
  7. At this moment the distance between the point of the looper and the left side of the needle must be .03″ (.8mm). A gauge (part # 11302) is available to purchase.
  8. If that distance is not correct, take off the housing cover.
  9. Loosen set screw (A) of the cam arm follower (see illustration 31) and turn the looper shaft until reaching the distance of .03″ (.8 mm). Tighten the set screw (A).



This setting is best seen from the left side of the machine (input side), with the presser foot lifted and the throat plate and feed dog removed. The goal of this adjustment is that the point of the looper passes behind the needle, as close to the ‘needle scarf’ as possible without touching it (illustration 32).


If the clearance between the needle scarf and looper needs to be adjusted follow these steps:

  1. Rotate the machine pulley until the looper is directly behind the needle. Do not forget to always rotate the pulley of the machine clockwise, looking from the top.
  2. Loosen the socket cap screw (D) on the looper holder (illustration 32).
  3. Move the looper holder on the looper shaft until the looper is positioned as closely as possible to the needle scarf without actually touching it. You should be able to pass a sheet of paper between the back of the needle and the looper edge.
  4. When this step is complete, tighten the socket cap screw (D) on the looper holder.
  5. Rotate the machine pulley through a couple of complete cycles to be sure that the looper clears the needle both on the upstroke and the backstroke of the cycle.
  6. When you have made and verified all of the adjustments, replace the feed dog, throat plate and looper cover.